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The Piper Dano Shopping Event Is HERE!

The wait is over! Join us at DIANI Shoes and here on the blog Thursday, March 31st, for our first ever Piper Dano shopping event! From 12-5pm, you’ll not only be able to shop the line’s stunners, but you’ll be able to ENTER TO WIN one of these fab baubles with your purchase. You heard right! Can’t make it in? Join in on the fun by scrolling down and then calling 1.877.342.6474 or emailing customercare@dianiboutique.com to order.

Shop more of the line HERE too!

dano19 dano20

Diamond Antique Coin Necklace in Pyrite ($1,555.00)

dano16 dano15

Sword And Bone Necklace in Hematite ($1,725.00)

dano17 dano18

Diamond Feather Necklace in Silver ($1,150.00)

dano8 dano7

4 Strand Necklace in Diamond Hematite ($1,725.00)

dano10 dano9

Gold Diamond Leaf Necklace in Gold ($1,380.00)

dano5 dano6

Polka Dot Horn Necklace in Pearl ($1,955.00)

dano12 dano11

Diamond Lock Necklace in Gold Spinel Link ($2,070.00)

dano3 dano4

Labradorite Pendant Necklace in Gold ($1,840.00)

dano14 dano13

Antique Watch Fob Necklace in Black Garnet ($1,265.00)

dano2 dano1

Star Pendant Necklace in Diamond Rose Gold ($2,185.00)

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Meet Piper Dano

Meet our newest line of luxe jewelry, Piper Dano. Known for her cascading, multi-layered designs, Piper’s collection is filled with everything from pearls and quality semiprecious stones to handpicked vintage fobs and lockets for a one-of-a-kind look. We suggest scrolling down to shop the California-inspired collection we have in store right now, then call 1.877.342.6474 or email customercare@dianiboutique.com to order your picks!

*Also stay tuned for our Piper Dano Shopping Event this Thursday, March 31st from noon to 5pm where we’ll be bringing in even more stunners for a limited time only PLUS giving one away. Yep, you read that right- you’ll be able to ENTER TO WIN one of these fabulous baubles with your purchase at the event. Online customers, this includes you! Look out for a blog post this week where you can shop the event styles and enter the giveaway too.

piper1 piper2

Diamond Pendant Necklace in Labradorite ($375.00)

piper3 piper4

Diamond Spike Necklace in Pyrite ($875.00)

piper5 piper6

Diamond Ball Necklace in Labradorite ($690.00)

piper7 piper8

Cross Bolo Tie in Gray ($875.00)

piper9 piper10

Diamond Drop Choker in Gray ($500.00)


Diamond Bone Necklace in Multi ($1,250.00)

piper13 piper14

Spike Bead Lariat in Black ($500.00)

piper15 piper16

Smiley Moon Necklace in Grey ($1,000.00)


Diamond Drop Choker in Black ($575.00)

piper19 piper20

Long Pearl Drop Necklace in Silver Diamond ($875.00)

piper21 piper22

Diamond Bead Tassel Necklace in Black Pearl ($875.00)

piper23 piper24

Diamond Ball Necklace in Gold ($565.00)

piper25 piper26

Arrow Horseshoe Bolo Tie in Black ($940.00)

piper27 piper28

Rectangle Pendant Necklace in Silver ($1,250.00)

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