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MadeWorn Rock Shopping Event!

You’re invited! Our MadeWorn Shopping Event has just begun here in Santa Barbara and we are loving it so much, we’re giving our online customers a peek at just how good these rock tees are. With only one of each available, we suggest shopping the never-before-seen graphics now by calling 1.877.342.6474 or emailing customercare@dianiboutique.com! 

av.md1.07 av.md1.09

MadeWorn Jacket in Rolling Stones Army | ($455.00)
Size: L


MadeWorn Tee in Blondie Dirty Black | ($165.00)
Size: M


 MadeWorn Cut Tee in David Bowie | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Tee in Guns N Roses White Cross | ($165.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Tee in Cheap Trick Dirty Black | ($165.00)
Size: M


MadeWorn Tee in Stones Eagle | ($165.00)
Size: L


MadeWorn Raglan in Cheap Trick | ($180.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Iron Maiden ($165.00)
Size: L


MadeWorn Tee in Foreigner Dirty White | ($165.00)
Size: XS


MadeWorn Tee in Ozzy Dirty Black | ($165.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Raglan in Rush Black Washed Blue | ($180.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Raglan in Pink Floyd | ($180.00)
Size: XS



MadeWorn Raglan in Police Synchronicity | ($180.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Tee in Alice Cooper Whisky | ($165.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Raglan Grateful Dead Roses | ($180.00)
Size: M


MadeWorn Tee in Stones Circle Tongue | ($165.00)
Size: L


MadeWorn Tee in Elton John Black | ($165.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Ramones Rock N Roll | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Raglan Guns and Roses Color Cross | ($180.00)
Size: S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Grateful Dead Skull | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Rocket to Russia | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Tee in Stones Tongue Washed Yellow | ($165.00)
Size: XS


MadeWorn Tee in Stones Circle Tongue | ($165.00)
Size: XS


MadeWorn Raglan in Motley Crue | ($180.00)
Size: L


MadeWorn Raglan in Metallica | ($180.00)
Size: XS


MadeWorn Tee in Bob Marley Dirty White | ($165.00)
Size: L


MadeWorn Tee in Blondie Dirty White | ($165.00)
Size: XS


MadeWorn Tee in Grateful Dead Skull | ($165.00)
Size: M


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Grateful Dead 1978 | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Slayer Dirty Black | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Motorhead Dirty Black | ($165.00)
Size: O/S


MadeWorn Cut Tee in Metallica Dirty Black | ($165.00)
Size: O/S

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Just Out of the Box From MadeWorn

We’re kicking this week off right with the arrival of the oh-so-comfy MadeWorn Rock tees. Whether you wear them by themselves or style ’em with a blazer and pumps, these distressed concert tees are a cool girl staple. Scroll down and then call 1.877.342.6474 or email customercare@dianiboutique.com to order!

madeworn18 madeworn17

Madeworn Stones Madison in Dirty Black ($165.00) | Sizes: S

Madeworn5 Madeworn6

Madeworn David Bowie in Dirty White ($165.00) | Sizes: S, M

Madeworn7 Madeworn8

Madeworn Stones Tongue in Dirty White ($165.00) | Sizes: XS, S, M

Madeworn9 Madeworn10

Madeworn Debbie Harry in Dirty White ($165.00) | Sizes: XS, S

madeworn11 madeworn12

Madeworn Ramones in Dirty White ($165.00) | Sizes: XS, S
Shop it online HERE

Madeworn1 Madeworn2

Madeworn Run DMC in Dirty White ($165.00) | Sizes: XS, S
Shop it online HERE

Madeworn4 Madeworn3

Madeworn Elton Piano in Dirty White ($165.00) | Sizes: XS, S, M


Madeworn Jimi Hendrix in Dirty Black ($165.00) | Sizes: XS

madeworn13 madeworn14

Madeworn Beatles SGT Pepper in Washed Green ($165.00) | Sizes: S

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Madeworn Tees are Back!

Madeworn is back and has managed to steal our hearts all over again. Spotted on bloggers and A-listers daily, these über soft L.A. crafted tees took the street style game by storm, and with their vintage fits and designs, it’s clear to see why. Get your hands on your faves while they’re here by calling 1.877.342.6474 or emailing customercare@dianiboutique.com… but hurry, there’s only ONE of each!

MadeWorn1 MadeWorn2

Madeworn Metallica in Dirty Black ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

MadeWorn3 MadeWorn4

Madeworn AC/DC Back in Black ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

MadeWorn11 MadeWorn12

Madeworn Alice Cooper in Dirty White ($165.00) | Size Large

MadeWorn7 MadeWorn8

Madeworn The Beatles in Washed Green ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

MadeWorn5 MadeWorn6

Madeworn Queen in Black/White ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

MadeWorn9 MadeWorn10

Madeworn Black Sabbath in Dirty Black ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

Madeworn17 Madeworn18

Madeworn Bob Marley Uprising in Washed Yellow ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

MadeWorn16 MadeWorn15

Madeworn Rolling Stones ’75  in Washed Blue ($165.00) | SOLD OUT

MadeWorn13 MadeWorn14

Madeworn Beach Boys in Washed Yellow ($165.00) | Size Medium

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