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The Woods Jewelry SS 18


Calling all fans of The Woods Fine Jewelry! Our latest shipment of carefully hand picked pieces have arrived here at DIANI  and this shipment has a bit of everything for you. We selected pieces made for everyday layering and a few unique stand out pieces for special occasions. Scroll through to check out all the new beautiful pieces. Make sure to call 1.877.342.6474 or email to snag your favorites!




Moonstone Earrings: $2,000

Mother of Pearl Pendant: $1,000

Triple Chain: $1,500

Pearl Bracelet: $750

Pave Bracelet: $1,250

Rosecut Diamond Bracelet: $2,000
Long Brass Chain: $375

Small Evil Eye: $375

Long Brass Chain: $375

Small Evil Eye: $375

Medium Length Hammered Brass Chain: $375

Abstract Starburst: $1,250


Brass Frame Cuff: $1,500

Brass Frame Cuff with Onyx: $1,750


Long Brass Chain: $375

Brass Leaf Pendant with Pearls: $575


Pave Diamond Collar: $1,000

Long Hammered Silver Chain: $1,250

Feather Pendant with Diamonds: $1,125


Dark Opal Earrings: $2,000


Long Brass Chain: $375

Diamond Brass Starburst: $875


Silver Frame Cuff: $1,500

Pave Flower Bracelet: $2,125

Silver Frame Cuff with Mother of Pearl: $1,750


Long Pave Chain: $7,000

Pave Midnight Stone Pendant: $1,125


Pave Collar: $1,000

Long Hammered Silver Chain: $1,250

Pave Butterfly: $1,250


Long Pave Chain: $7,000

Pave Framed Native Copper Pendant: $2,000






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