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New Summer Arrivals from The Woods

Our latest shipment from The Woods brings us some festive pairings and pops of color just in time for the holiday weekend. Celebrate America’s independence with a diamond-encrusted necklace or a natural bead bracelet because, why not? You deserve it! Scroll down to get a closer look at the entire shipment, and then call 1.877.342.6474 or email to order!


From left to right:
1. Feather Pendant, Diamond ($1750.00) | Turquoise Bead Necklace, Multi ($1000.00)
2. Tooth Pendant, Diamond ($1500.00) | Bead Clasp Necklace, Multi ($875.00)
3. Bird Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00); Star Pendant, Diamond ($625.00) | Color Bead Necklace, Multi ($750.00)


From left to right:
1. Antler Pendant, Diamond ($2750.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Multi, Long ($1250.00)
2.  Ganesh Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00) ; Branch Pendant, Diamond ($500.00) | Diamond Link Necklace, Multi ($5500.00)
3. Cross Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00); Leaf Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Multi, Medium ($1125.00)


From left to right:
1. Flight Pendant, Gold Diamond ($875.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Gold, Short ($315.00)
2. Round Pendant, Diamond White ($500.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Gold, Medium ($375.00)
3. Cutout Star Pendant, Gold Diamond ($750.00); Starburst Pendant, Gold Diamond ($375.00) |
Chain Link Necklace, Gold, Long ($440.00)


From left to right:
1. Agate Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00) | Pearl Suede Necklace, Multi ($1250.00)
2. Blue Agate Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Multi, Short ($1000.00)
3. Agate Pendant, Diamond ($1000.00); Oval Petal Pendant, Diamond ($1250.00) | Bead Suede Necklace, Multi ($750.00)


1. Hoop Earrings, Gold Diamond ($1625.00)
2. Diamond Cuff, Gold ($2750.00) | Diamond Bangle, Gold ($750.00)
3. Feather Drop Earrings, Gold ($1500.00)
4. Moon Pendant, Gold Diamond ($750.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Gold, Medium ($375.00)
5. Sun Pendant, Gold Diamond ($375.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Gold, Short ($315.00)


From left to right:
1. Buddha Pendant, Diamond ($1125.00) | Diamond Link Necklace, Multi ($5500.00)
2. Pearl Diamond Clasp, Multi ($1750.00)
3. Tribal Pendant, Diamond ($1500.00) | Chain Link Necklace, Multi, Long ($1250.00)


From left to right:
1. Diamond Flower Bangle, Silver ($1250.00); Diamond Square Bangle,
Silver ($1000.00) | Diamond Bangle, Silver ($750.00)
2. Feather Drop Earrings, Silver ($1500.00)
3. Hoop Earrings, Diamond ($1750.00)



From left to right:
1. Triple Ring Bracelet, Diamond ($500.00); Evil Eye Bracelet, Diamond ($625.00)
2. Diamond Ring Bracelet, Multi ($1125.00); Diamond Ball Bead Bracelet, Multi ($750.00)
3. Natural Bead Bracelet, 3 White Beads ($625.00); Natural Bead Bracelet,
Diamond ($875.00); Natural Bead Bracelet, 1 White Bead ($250.00)


From left to right:
1. Teardrop Earring, Turquoise ($1000.00)
2. 3 Baguette Earrings, Diamond ($1500.00)
3. Stud Earrings, Rose Gold Diamond ($2500.00)
4. 5 Baguette Earrings, Diamond ($1750.00)
5. Diamond Frame Earrings, Moonstone ($1080.00)


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Jerome Dreyfuss Fall 2016 Has Landed

The summer heat may be rolling in but that also means fall shipments are hot on its heels. And what better way to kick off the new season than with a solid array of handbags from Jerome Dreyfuss? Now’s the time to stock up because they won’t be around when the leaves change, trust us. So scroll down to get the full scoop on all the new goodies and if you’re really feelin’ one (or more, let’s be honest), go ahead and order now by calling 1.877.342.6474 or emailing!


Eliot Bag in Leopard Sauvage ($930.00) | SOLD OUT


Mini Jeremie Bag in Jungle ($790.00) | shop online


Jeremie Bag in Gris Goatskin ($1030.00)| shop online


Mini Jeremie Bag in Leopard ($1375.00) | shop online


Mini Jeremie Bag in Creme ($900.00) | shop online

jerome_Glitter1 jerome_glitter2

Jack Bag in Lamine Noir ($515.00) | SOLD OUT


Momo Bag in Lamine Noir ($480.00) | shop online

jerome_burgundy1 jerome_burgundy2

Victor Bag in Winestone ($700.00)


Albert Bag in Moka ($795.00) | shop online


Igor Bag in Noir Silver Festival ($710.00) | SOLD OUT


Maurice Bag in Winestone ($1370.00) | shop online


Maurice Bag in Moka ($1090.00) | SOLD OUT


Billy Bag in Noir ($720.00) | SOLD OUT





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DIANI is hiring

DIANI, a cutting edge, fashion forward multi-brand retail and e-commerce company featuring women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and home goods in downtown Santa Barbara, is seeking a full time e-commerce associate to aid in all aspects of the e-commerce business. We’re approaching our website’s 10 year anniversary and in the process of a major relaunch to go live within the next month, so this is a very exciting time to become apart of the team and help take the business to the next level.

This position aims to support a dynamic business and drive sales by providing a positive customer experience, providing support to the online manager and generating online content. This is a full time position and candidate must be available to work Saturdays and Sundays to man the customer service department.

– As a customer service representative, you will be responding to customer concerns/inquiries via email and/or telephone.
– Go beyond merely answering questions and engage with customers to upsell and build a long lasting relationship
– Process (pull/invoice/ship) of website orders
– Upload product to website
– Assist the E-commerce Manager with day to day needs

– A love for fashion and staying up to date with current trends to aid in your product descriptions and visual merchandising of the product online
– Experience in either retail or e-commerce sales (preferably in fashion)
– Skilled in creative writing with proper grammar and spelling
– Have the ability to learn new computer systems quickly
– Meticulous attention to detail
– Positive energy with a personable demeanor
– Ability to work well on a team, multi task and function under stress.
Full time availability with Saturday and Sunday a must (other days can be worked out)
– Must own a laptop (preferably a Mac)

What We Offer:
– Health insurance for full time employees
– A competitive hourly wage
– Generous discounts, bonus structure and store credit incentives
– The opportunity to grow within the company
– Paid training period
– A great team to work with
– The opportunity to see all facets of a locally owned and rapidly growing business
– A job where your ideas, time and efforts are truly valued and rewarded

To submit a resume, please email




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