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NEW in From The Woods!

After much anticipation, the latest shipment from The Woods has arrived! Filled with raw stones, diamonds, and more of their must-have pendants, it’s safe to say these won’t be here for long. Hurry and snag yours so you can start mixing and matching with all of your looks this season! Call 1.877.342.6474. or email to order.

*Update 2016: we receive new shipments from The Woods monthly. To view our most recent selection please go to the main page of the blog and scroll down to find the newest post.


Druzy Diamond Silver Pendant (2,750.00) | Druzy, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Large Clasp Chain ($2,250.00)


6.5 Carat Diamond Necklace ($11,500.00) | Oxidized Silver *SOLD


Diamond Silver Cuff ($4,500.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver


Diamond Silver Point Earrings ($1,700.00)


Angelite Silver Diamond Pendant ($1,000.00) | Natural Stone, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with the Silver Pyrite Diamond Chain ($625.00)

Woods1 Woods2 Woods3

Freshwater Pearl Necklace ($2,250.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver


Leaf Pendant ($1,000.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with  Short Mini Rolo Chain ($625.00)


Wide Trim Antler Pendant ($2,500.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Large Clasp Chain ($2,250.00)


Chain Bracelet ($750.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver


Diamond Pendant ($625.00) | Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Chain Bracelet ($750.00)


Teardrop Diamond Earrings ($875.00) | Silver, Diamonds


Oval Diamond Earrings ($875.00) | Silver, Diamonds


Circle Diamond Earrings ($875.00) | Silver, Diamonds


Enamel Diamond Cuff ($750.00) | Oxidized Silver
*Sold separately

Woods18 Woods16

Silver Pyrite Diamond Chain ($625.00) | Pyrite, Diamonds


Diamond Silver Star Pendant ($250.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Silver Pyrite Diamond Chain ($625.00)


Quartz Diamond Studs ($1,000.00) | Oxidized Silver


Enamel Silver Cuff ($1,750.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver


Turquoise Studs ($1000.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT


Crystal Pendant in Grey ($500.00) | Crystal, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT


Onyx Chain Necklace ($750.00) | Onyx, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT
*Styled with Crystal Pendant in Grey ($500.00)

woods4 woods5

Chain Tooth Necklace ($1,500.00) | Shark Tooth, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver


Skull Studs ($1,250.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver


Small Feather Pendant ($375.00) | Diamonds, Bone *SOLD OUT


Leather Chain Necklace ($875.00) | Natural Beads, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT
*Styled with Small Feather Pendant ($375.00)


Horn Bracelet ($1,750.00) | Oxidized Silver, Bone, Diamonds *SOLD OUT


Crystal Pendant in Clear ($750.00) | Crystal, Diamonds
*Styled with Large Clasp Chain ($2,250.00)


Oval Pendant ($2,000.00) | Turquoise, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT
*Styled with Hammered Chain ($1,250.00)


Oval Pendant in Pink ($2,250.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized silver, Raw Stone
*Styled with Hammered Chain ($1,250.00)


Tribal Pendant ($2,000.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Short Pyrite Chain ($200.00)


Feather Pendant ($550.00) | Bone, Diamonds *SOLD OUT


Long Chain Necklace ($875.00) | Turquoise, Diamonds *SOLD OUT
*Styled with Feather Pendant ($550.00)


Asymmetrical Antler Pendant ($1,250.00) | Antler, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Hammered Chain ($1,250.00)


Organic Pendant ($1,750.00) | Druzy, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Hammered Chain ($1,250.00)


Crystal Pendant ($750.00) | Crystal, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT
*Styled with Long Chain Necklace ($875.00)


Double Antler Pendant ($1,000.00) | Antler, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Leather Chain Necklace ($875.00)


Crystal Pendant in Green ($500.00) | Crystal, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver
*Styled with Onyx Chain Necklace ($750.00)


Natural Stone Pendant ($1,000.00) | Diamonds, Oxidized Silver, Raw Stone
*Styled with Large Clasp Chain ($2,250.00)


Oval Pendant ($750.00) | Turquoise, Diamonds, Oxidized Silver *SOLD OUT
*Styled with Hammered Chain ($1,250.00)

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The DIANI Living Guide… Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We know it’s not always easy finding that perfect gift for the woman who gave you it all (and then some), but we think these ideas from DIANI Living will fit the bill quite nicely. Just scroll down to shop ideal gifts for any type of mama then call 805.770.7043 or email for pricing and to place an order.

DIANI Living gift ideasDIANI Living gift ideas

Assorted RICA bath & body goods + Hand towel and Merino throw

DIANI Living gift ideas

Potting Trowel and Shears

DIANI Living gift ideas

Large Wick Triple Scented Candles | shop online here

Assorted greeting cards

DIANI Living gift ideas

Handmade mug and saucer + Twenty-Four Blackbirds drinking chocolate

DIANI Living gift ideas

Dalla Vita succulents + Vintage Marmalade Pot

DIANI Living gift ideas

Organic Cotton Artichoke Napkins

DIANI Living gift ideas

Happy Jotters Notecards + Letterquette Notecards

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Helmut Lang Has Done It Again…

With every shipment, we fall a little deeper in love with the master of cool. From the minimalistic aesthetic to the the smart, crisp cuts, Helmut Lang always manages to capture our hearts… and our paychecks. Scroll down and take a look at some of the newest arrivals then call 1.877.342.6474 or email to snag your sizes!
Helmut4 Helmut6

Layer Silk Tank in Analine ($320.00) | Shell: 100% Silk, Lining: 93% Silk, 7% Spandex
Sizes: P, S, M, L


Suiting Pant in Black ($360.00) | Shell: 100% Wool, Lining: 82% Polyster, 18% Spandex
Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
*Styled with the Rag & Bone Jude Sandal ($450.00) – Call 1.877.342.6474 to order

Helmut1 Helmut2

Short Sleeve Graphic Burnout in White ($255.00) | 72% Cotton, 28% Polyester
Sizes: M, L


Stovepipe Pant in Black ($295.00) | Shell: 100% Wool, Lining: 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
Sizes: P, S, M, L
*Styled with the Rag & Bone Meli Brogue


Torison Pant in Optic White ($335.00) | 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane
Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8


Short Sleeve Graphic Burnout in Black ($255.00) | 72% Cotton, 28% Polyester
Sizes: P, S, M, L

Helmut10 Helmut11

Twisted Knot Dress in Charcoal in Melange ($290.00) | 100% Wool
Sizes: P, S, M, L
*Styled with the Matt Bernson Meridian Heel


Wide Waist Band Skirt in Matic Print ($395.00) | Shell: 56% Rayon, 44% Viscose, Lining: 93% Silk, 7% Elastane
Sizes: P, S, M, L

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