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Jerome Dreyfuss New Fall Arrivals

Our new fall shipment of Jerome Dreyfuss will have you dying to lose the summer heat and jump right into the fall season. With off the shoulders, clutches, wallet purses, and large bags, this shipment has it all. Scroll through to find your favorites then give us a call at 1.877.342.6474 or email customercare@dianiboutique.com to shop ’em before it’s too late!

Igor Bag in Motown Pony ($1040) Sold

Jack Bag in Chocolat Bubble ($430) shop online

Bob Bag in Laminé Silver ($415) shop online

 Jeremie Bag in Moka Vielli ($995) shop online

Momo Bag in Leopard Sauvage ($545) shop online

Gerald Bag in Noir Brass ($795) shop online

Igor Bag in Beige Rosé ($645) shop online

Jeremie Small Bag in Noir ($875) shop online

Serge Bag in Ardoise ($1075) shop online

Tanguy Large Bag in Marine Mat ($1020) shop online

Jeremie Small Bag in Ardoise ($795) shop online

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Oliver Peoples Shopping Party

The Oliver Peoples Trunk Show is finally here! Thursday, June 15, from 11am to 7pm, Oliver Peoples will be showcasing all of their newest men’s and women’s sunglass styles at DIANI Shoes. Father’s Day is right around the corner and we invite everyone to come celebrate with craft beer, iced bourbon, and cutting edge sunglasses. Did we mention that everyone gets a free gift with purchase? We look forward to seeing you all there!

These styles will only be available for a limited time. Can’t make it in? You can shop ’em here and email customercare@dianiboutique.com or give us a call at 1.877.342.6474 to reserve your pair!

Paon, Buff/Brushed Gold frame, Taupe Flash Mirror Lens ($375.00)

Paon, Vintage DTBK/Matte Black frame, Graphite Gold Lens ($375.00)

Brodsky, Black Frame, Graphite Polarized Lens ($425.00)


Brodsky, Shroom Frame, G15 Goldtone Polarized Lens ($425.00)


Clifton, Gold Frame, Chrome Olive Photochromic Lens ($435.00)

Clifton, Matte Black Frame, Graphite Polarized VFX+ Lens ($455.00)

Delray Sun, Buff Frame, Amber Goldtone Lens ($405.00)

Dore, Black Frame, Grey Lens ($380.00)


Dore, Blue Cocobolo Frame, Graphite Goldtone Lens ($380.00)


Dore, Cherry Cocobolo Frame, Spice Brown Gradient Lens ($380.00)


Dore, Dune Frame, Taupe Flash Mirror Lens ($380.00)

Executive Suite, Matte Black Frame, G15 Lens ($455.00)


Executive Suite, Brushed Gold Frame, Brown Lens ($455.00)


Kannon, Gold Frame, G15 Goldtone Polarized Lens ($455.00)


Kannon, Rose Gold Frame , Rose Quartz Mirror Lens ($395.00)


Kannon, Silver Frame, Chrome Sapphire Photochromic Lens ($435.00)


Kannon, Silver Frame, Graphite Polarized VFX+ Lens ($415.00)


La Coen Sun, Blush Frame, Pink Quartz Gradient Mirror Lens ($325.00)


La Coen Sun, Buff Frame, Amber Goldtone Lens ($325.00)


M-4 30th, Antique Gold Frame, Amber Goldtone Lens ($455.00)

M-4 30th, Antique Pewter Frame, Blue Lens ($455.00)


M-4 30th, Gold Frame, Grey Goldtone Lens ($455.00)


MP-2 Sun, Black/Matte Black Frame, Blue Lens ($455.00)


MP-2 Sun, Buff/Brushed Gold Frame, Green C Lens ($455.00)

MP-2 Sun, Hickory Tortoise/Matte Black Frame, Graphite Goldtone Lens ($455.00)


Nickol, Brushed Gold/Black Frame, Graphite Goldtone Lens ($380.00)


Nickol, Brushed Gold/Bone Frame, Sunrise Gradient Lens ($380.00)


OPLL Sun, Matte Black Frame, G15 Polarized Lens ($465.00)


OPLL Sun, Semi-Matte LBR Frame, Indigo Photochromic Lens ($445.00)


Remick, Garnet Tortoise/Dark Mahogany/Gradient Brushed Gold Frame, Grey Lens ($420.00)


Remick, Palmier Tropical Frame, Grey Lens ($420.00)


Rockmore, Brushed Silver Frame, Blue Lens ($415.00)


Rockmore, Antique Gold Frame, Green Wash Lens ($415.00)


Rockmore, Gold Frame, Pink Wash Lens ($415.00)



Rockmore, Rose Gold Frame, Amber Goldtone Lens ($415.00)


Roella, Amber Frame, Steel Gradient Lens ($340.00)


Roella, Denim Frame, Sunset Flash Gradient Mirror ($340.00)


Sheldrake Plus, Semi-Matte Black Frame, Indigo Photochromic Lens ($405.00)


Sheldrake Plus, VDTB Frame, G15 Polarized VFX Lens ($425.00)

Ziane, Antique Gold Frame, Taupe Flash Mirror Lens ($380.00)


Ziane, Brushed Gold Frame, Olive Gradient Lens ($380.00)


Ziane, Rose Gold Frame, Marsala Gradient Lens ($380.00)

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Today’s Obsession: The Veteran Jacket




Mother Denim The Veteran Jacket in Military Green ($360.00) | shop online
100% cotton


IRO Imaan Tee in Ecru ($140.00) | shop online
Mother Denim The Looker in Gate Crasher ($220.00) | shop online
Paula Rosen Horn Chain Necklace in Spinel ($370.00) | email customercare@dianiboutique.com to order


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