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Trend Spotting: Isabel Marant Spring 2014

This is the show we’ve been waiting for! Isabel Marant’s Spring 2014 collection walked in Paris yesterday and we’ve been obsessing over it ever since. This season Isabel  brought two contrasting ideas, edgy and feminine, together into one concise collection. Below we’re recapping some of the trends that caught our eye. What did you think of her show? Will you be wearing her line come Spring?


Cut-Out/Open Weave Outerwear – Layering is going to be extra fun this season thanks to the basketweave-esque toppers that went down the runway. The sleeveless vest on the left would be ideal for day and we’re dying to wear those sparkly numbers when we head out at night.


Watercolor Florals – Isabel’s dreamy, feminine take on florals made us swoon. We especially love the look on the right. Same pattern, different colors. What a unique way to mix things up!


Edgy/Girly Details – Ruffled leather, black lace… These were just a few of the tough-meets-chic looks that went down the runway. We have a feeling that leather mini will be at the top of every fashionista’s must-have list this season. And the lacy bralettes? To die for and SO great for layering!


All In The Details – Delicate jewelry, woven belts and rivet-adorned shoes completed the look.

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DIANI Staple: GoldSign Denim Legging

We love a good wardrobe staple! You know the type, the kind of items that never go out of style and always look good. They’re few and far between, but we’ll let you in on one of ours… GoldSign‘s denim leggings. You can dress them up or dress them down and the elastic waistband makes for a crazy-comfy fit.



GoldSign Jem Legging in Position – $190.00


This updated classic gives the look of leather, without all the fuss!

GoldSign Zebra Legging in Coated Black – $205.00


Achieve the leather legging look with GoldSign’s Zebra Legging in Coated Black


GoldSign Zebra Legging in Charcoal ($180) as seen on Irina Shayk

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NYFW Recap with Courtney of Always Judging

Courtney, the personal style blogger behind Always Judging, has really caught our eye! As we see it, she puts together outfits with an LA sensibility and plenty of east coast edge. We caught up with Courtney to get the inside scoop on her New York Fashion Week adventures. Scroll down for exclusive photos of Courtney’s trip and her trend predictions for the upcoming season.


You’re originally from the East Coast. Where did you grow up?

I grew up 5 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh, PA. There was no social or fashion scene whatsoever. I’ve been away from Pittsburgh for a little over seven years now, and of course since then, the city has grown both socially and fashionably. Just to give you an idea, the city just got it’s first ever Nordstrom about five years ago.

First a little background: When did you first fall in love with fashion and what made you start blogging?

Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure my mom is to blame for my shopping addiction and infatuation with fashion. Growing up my mom had two huge closets (when I say huge, I mean huge for the 90’s, which is now probably considered tiny) full of clothing, and more importantly, mounds of shoes. I remember how organized she was with each pair of shoes in their original box. I am an only child, so I kept myself entertained by dressing up in her pretty silk and lace nighties (because they fit me) and her shoes, that were obviously five sizes too big. Flash forward to high school, when my closet became the go-to for every single one of my friend’s outfits. I would actually have to keep a list of which friend had what piece of clothing out on consignment.

After high school I immediately took off to NYC to study Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in midtown, and only lasted one year in NYC. LA seemed to be calling my name and I then transferred to FIDM, which wasn’t as fancy as my prestigious NYC College, but the lifestyle out West suited me more.

Since my first retail job in high school at 16 years old I’ve dabbled in almost every part of the industry from mass retailers, to high end retail, to running a small boutique on Robertson, to wholesale and finally ended my career of working for another person as a buyer. I started blogging while buying and my site seemed to take off more quickly than I expected. I’ve used every experience at all my past jobs and put everything into my blog. I really enjoy having my own company, which to me it’s like being the editor of my own online magazine. I love being able to be an editor, photographer, writer, stylist, and graphic designer all at the same time. I’m happy I waited until now, at age 26, to start my blog, because I feel that I skipped all the beginners blogging that usually happens when bloggers start at a younger age. I’m still learning every day, but I think the reason my blog gained recognition a little quicker than I expected is simply because of my background in the industry for the past 10+ years.

You had to travel from Los Angeles for fashion week. That can be a long flight! How do you stay comfy-chic while traveling by plane?

I’m not a very smart traveler, and I really need to get better at the whole process because I have a feeling more traveling is in my future. I over-pack, which I need to fix, and I don’t get much sleep the night before which usually messes with my whole trip. When I’m traveling during the day or late morning I usually wear jeans, boots and a tee.  This time I had a 4 AM flight, so I choose comfort.

These three things made my NYC traveling much less stressful: A Fine Line Kelley Sweats in LeopardSimone Camille Hair Calf Backpack and Frends Head Phones.



Style and comfort is key during fashion week. Tell us a little bit about your outfit strategy.

I would say comfort is only a factor toward the last 2 days, when your feet are just completely boycotting anything with a heel.  My approach this fashion week was layering leathers, silks and a little neoprene here and there. I think the more layers to an outfit, the more interesting and unique the whole look becomes. I definitely took some key pieces with me, that I wore more than once, which I feel is ideal for packing. Once you’re in touch with your favorite key pieces, you style those pieces more than once in a better way. It’s like getting to know your clothing.

For me my key pieces in my suitcase this year were: Veda Leather Castor Vest (above), MLLE Mademoiselle Pony Hair Leopard Jacket (above), Karen Walker Anytime SunglassesTibi Piper Boots. [Editor’s note: Shop the Fall 2013 collection from Veda HERE at DIANI.]

By the end of the trip the temperatures were in the high 90’s and my feet were broken. My go-to pieces became the following: Again Matching Separates [top & bottom] and Acne Alma Boots (below).



NYFW J Brand Ready to Wear2


For nighttime, I planned all my outfits to be overly simple and mindless. Mostly rompers and dresses with a leather bomber or blazer.  My favorite romper I wore at night was a long sleeve, retro-inspired print, by AGAIN (dress version here). Lastly, my splurge before I left for NYC, was the new Balenciaga buckle boots with no cutouts. I’ve been hounding these boots for years! My favorite look from NYC on myself was the white neoprene skirt, leather vest, Equipment blouse and Tibi Piper boots.




What beauty essentials did you bring with you to New York?

I don’t own too many cosmetics, but my NYFW cosmetic bag consisted of the following: YSL Shocking Felt Tip Eye LinerNARS Tinted Moisturizer with SPF, YSL Shocking MascaraYSL ConcealerYSL Under Eye Radiant Touch PenJosie Maran Coconut Water Color Cheek GeleeClarins Face PowderNARS Lipstick in Heatwave (my go-to shade), Benefit Brow Zings, Shiseido Eye Cream, Kiehl’s, Eye De-Puffer.

For bed time I use all Murad products. For my hair during fashion week, I just use a little salt spray, it must be the California girl in me!

We’re addicted to street style here at DIANI! What were some of the trends you noticed on the streets? Are there any trends that need to be retired?

Street style is the most intriguing part of NYFW. I have to say I think the Editors all take the gold metal for being the most well dressed. There’s just something about their perfectly groomed hair, makeup and classy-stylish-chic dressing that is jaw dropping. I noticed a lot of calf length structured skirts both plain and pleated, slouchy suiting, neoprene separates, red, leather vests, graphic sweatshirts and some shoes that were giving me 90’s vibes with chunky heels and boots. I’m over the Zara skort, it needs to be retired, finally.






Indulge us… Any celeb or model sightings? 

Living in So-Cal, and constantly living amongst celebs, it doesn’t really excite me anymore. For me it’s more about seeing the editors that I’ve never seen in person. Editors don’t really visit LA, so that was my highlight of the trip. Some of the editors I saw were Miroslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia and Anna Dello Russo. For photographers I saw Terry Richardson and socialite Poppy Delevingne, both of whom my photographer got photos of. I’m sure I saw tons more, but It was just too overwhelming to remember every single person.


What runway trends are you excited to wear come Spring 2014? Anything you won’t be wearing/trying?

I love all the suiting and matching separates I saw at Tibi, Jenni Kayne, and Nellie Partow. Also, whiter, ultra feminine, oversized dresses, tops and pleated skirts at Joie.  My absolute favorite piece from the runway, that I have to admit I already pre-ordered for February, were the jeweled wedge open toe clogs at Tibi. Tibi has really evolved into a stylish and chic brand over the past year. They are getting major recognition with their shoes, since a new designer has stepped on board recently. Lastly, cropped tops aren’t going anywhere, if anything they’re going shorter. Peter Som indicated that by sending down numerous versions of the “Ultra Cropped Top” in his runway show. Don’t worry though, pants and skirts are rising to new heights to accompany shorter tops.


Jenni Kayne


Nellie Partow


Nellie Partow

What shows were at the top of your list this season and why?

I can see myself wearing every single piece at Joie in my everyday life. As far as dreamland goes, Delpozo was my favorite show that I attended. The hair and makeup was perfect, and I actually wore the same low ponytail that day to the show. I guess that means I’m on trend! I loved this show particularly because it was poetic and over the top extreme in every way, shape and form. Most of the pieces are not wearable in every day life, which makes it more similar to art. Some of the cropped sweaters and structured tops could be translated into my wardrobe, but most is just a fairy tail, which I love. Even the music was pure poetry and the runway was decorated as a garden party.













Accessories make the outfit, what accents will you be adding to your wardrobe for Spring 2014?

I’m not really into accessories lately, but I can tell you a few things I’m going to work on, to elevate my outfits.  After seeing all the shows I want to experiment more with my hair, as far as braiding it and taking more risks. I also want to get some more piercings in my ears and add some more ear jewels to my jewelry collection in the future.

On another note, the majority of my jewelry for NYFW was customized by XIV Karats in Beverly Hills.  It was a real treat being able to wear so many diamond pieces in NYC.  My favorite was the bling ring that was all diamond with oxidized white gold.


What are your thoughts on the footwear trends you saw at NYFW?

As I said above, Tibi shoes are decked out in crystals and made for comfort, with wide heels and chunky platforms. At Rebecca Minkoff there was a whole new species of laced up, printed stiletto sandals. As far as Jenni Kayne is concerned, the beauty lies within a comfortable flat with a gold toe. Shoes for SS 2014 are anything but boring.

What can we expect from Always Judging in the future?

I will continue to post my personal outfits and talk about meeting fashion needs for the short girls out there!  More importantly, I’ve been playing designer for the past 2 months working on two separate projects that will being coming out in the next few months, stay tuned!


Image credit: Always Judging

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